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“If one could paint the picture of perfection, I would start by looking at the canvas from all angles.” — Me


I identify as an exceptionally imaginative storyteller, proficient at generating vivid, dynamic, and lighthearted metaphors in a moment’s notice to capture the profound essence of people’s expressions. Throughout my career, I’ve been exposed to diverse challenges, moments of triumph, and personal growth, whether taking the lead or providing support. My commitment to crafting intentional and comprehensive designs and narratives persists, resulting in impactful moments that resonate with us all, lingering in the mind.
“Fernando encapsulates what someone is trying to clumsily get at by inviting others to understand themselves better; challenging individuals to deeply empathize with the stories, messages, moments, which has sometimes been described as: accurate, subtle, powerful, reflections of meaningful moments”. – Dr. Kevin O.

10 Traits that have been MOSTLY helpful in my career*

*attributes are subject to evolve because, it's the human thing to do.

  • Brainstormer
    I would describe my ideas as the Rubik cube of ideas but, instead, each turn is a thought.
  • Resourceful
    Looking like a baller on a budget, part of visual success is having relationships that support solutions.
  • Observant
    I watch for the little things that paint the biggest pictures.
  • Empathic
    Being conscious of others, putting myself in their shoes, finding strength in my vulnerability and patient for the moment of beauty to emerge.
  • Proactive
    I feel sometimes doing something before you need it is the best support for getting what you want.
  • Humanizer
    Every good story hinges on how it's told and the person telling it, my rule of thumb is to always be mindful my audience is HUMAN first.
  • Kinda Funny
    What's life if you can't laugh about it, occasionally?
  • Presistant
    If you believe in something or someone, then it's worth the effort.
  • Structure & Visual Freedom
    For me, swinging from the ceilings of creativity needs a strong, organized structure and foundation to support it.
  • Supportive
    I feel many things can be resolved when each of us listen and act in the interest of others to get closer to solutions.

Different, Not defective

ADHD, Dyslexic, Autoimmune

Born in the 80s, I came of age in a culture where conversations about mental health were scarce. “Normal” or “crazy” were often the only explanations for someone’s mental state. It wasn’t until 2018 that I realized the issues I had heard mentioned in passing were challenges I also faced. The first step was recognizing that it wasn’t my fault; I empowered myself through knowledge and effective management. I want to emphasize that I am not impaired; I simply perceive and relate to things uniquely, like wearing a distinct set of prescription glasses. While we all see the same world, we do so through slightly different lenses.

Things you may see from me: 

  • When I am anxious or highly overstimulated, I speak really fast or my verbal thoughts will become run-on sentences
  • When I am highly stressed (sleep deficient), I often stutter and being over compensate my focus
  • I sometimes get words, letters, and numbers mixed up when writing for long periods of time or eye stressed


“Brain Staining” Moments start with a solid foundation.

In projects, a good form of resources and information balances support to seeing a project to the finish.
If we want a car to take us anywhere, it needs each part to function together as a team. Functioning support can drive us anywhere.
To make a design or a story work it has to have flow; Function is a good engine but, it has to fit together; flow offers palatable reciprocation of a message.
Not every project, idea, or design will have the luxury to support proper form, function perfectly or flow with ease but, understanding that with a strong supportive foundation; an idea and, smart design can deliver an impactful, meaningful finish.

Always a pleasure and I look forward to working with you again.

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