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My role in crafting blox's

Messaging System

Personification - Tone
Part of making the brand product unique is how it’s narrated. blox’s brand narration has a “matter of fact” tone about the importance of mask usage and proper mask utilization. The expression of this concept wants to be: confident (self-assured) cleaver, nuanced knowledgeable and humorous but, slightly cocky
Tagline Collaboration
In working together with department heads and copywriter, we came up with a list of tags that would embody the tone of the brand.
Market Research
Agitated data from other manufacturers, message boards, comment sections, social media and news networks about their thoughts on mask quality, usage, and comfort. It allowed us to craft a tone and messaging system that allow the product to seem approachable, well explained, while not going over the heads of the everyday person.

The “UnFake Mask”

Speaks to Blox being a “certified N95 mask” for proper protection and a node to “Fake News” reference

“It may be ugly but, it’s not fake”

It’s no secret that people don’t like wearing a mask for a host of reasons; for most aren’t valid, like:

  • “I feel silly”
  • “My face is my winning asset and this doesn’t work for me”
  • “I don’t feel sick, so why do I need to put on a mask that makes me look sick?”
  • “I can’t breathe in this thing, and I am uncomfortable (psychological mental anxiety causing a physical response)”
  • “I will wear one when I think I need one”
  • We want to create opposing arguments in a very “matter of fact” manner that mocks the behavior yet points out the severity of not participating in proper safety measures. 
  • We would like to highlight the importance of proper mask usage by illustrating the absurdity of poor use or no use at all. Calling the audience on the bullshit without insulting them yet, narrate it as if the average Joe had the answers. 
  • Using fact stats in an internalized conversation, from the consumer’s perspective of “kitchen table talk”
  1. Let’s face it… You won’t win any pageants but, at least, you won’t be a dead contestant
  2. Ugly But, Alive
  3. Fits the “bill”… Will it accentuate your features? Maybe. Can it save your life? Yes
  4. Life over looks (Life > Looks): “Live long enough to talk about how stupid you looked.”
How I created the

blox Brand Expression System

For ivWatch’s blox face mask solutions, the initial brand communication aimed to address concerns about non-certified and counterfeit N95 masks being sold and even banned by major retailers. Blox, a local US manufacturing company, sought a visual system that exuded freshness, youthfulness, and relevance to the current market landscape.

Color & Style

While the parent company ivWatch boasts a well-defined design style characterized by a modern medical aesthetic, the challenge with blox lies in appealing to a consumer audience. By incorporating ivWatch’s existing color palette and infusing it with warm, inviting, caring, yet approachable hues, we can elevate the medical-focused color scheme into one that seamlessly resonates with and complements a consumer-oriented product.

Screen Shot 2021-06-09 at 3.59.01 PM
Screen Shot 2021-06-09 at 3.59.13 PM

Digital Billboard - Pitch

blox by ivWatch sought a concept that could rapidly amplify their brand identity and message in a manner that resonates virally. The idea was to personify and lend a voice to the global pandemic disease, COVID. This involved crafting a humanized, occasionally lighthearted dialogue about the significance of mask-wearing and the virus itself.

Creative Director—Copy and Art

Website & Shopify UI

In building the site’s overarching environment, we harnessed the developed messaging system and creatively adapted elements from the parent brand’s model. This expedited production while maintaining cohesiveness without overly complex layouts that could potentially impact functionality.

The website was developed using a managed WordPress platform, providing the flexibility of a versatile template equipped with comprehensive functionality. This enabled us to infuse visual appeal through the use of color, animations, and video sliders, all while ensuring a harmonious user experience.

Newspaper Ad_1
Instagram Teaser
Instagram Teaser-3
Instagram Teaser-2
Instagram Teaser-1
The Voice of COVID Facebook
The Voice of COVID Facebook-5
The Voice of COVID Facebook-3
The Voice of COVID Facebook-1
Facebook Teaser Post-1
Facebook Teaser Post
Facebook Teaser Post-3
Facebook Teaser Post-2
Social Campign Ads

blox Fit Instructions

A distinctive element of this particular product’s brand identity involved crafting an instructional video that demonstrates the correct method of wearing a mask, specifically a blox mask. The video featured a concise, 7-step composite approach, guiding users through a systematic journey on effectively donning a blox mask.

Role: Initial Editing, Storyboard, Direction for final post-production
Tools Used: (Intro + Outro) Adobe After Effects, Premiere,
Producers: Flagship
Fit Instructions Soundtrack: Tech Landscape
Manufacturing Tour Soundtrack: Inbound—by Brendon Moeller

Production Tour

This video compilation marked the inaugural guided tour of the blox facility, showcasing the on-site production of their locally manufactured product. The objective was to spotlight pivotal manufacturing stages, with a particular focus on their rigorous product verification process. Designed primarily for online dissemination, the video also served as a PR asset for integration with local news broadcast media.

Credit Notes:

Transportation Vehicle Wrap

A crucial aspect of blox’s brand identity and communication was to evoke a sense of local ownership and reliability, fostering trust within the community while expanding from their home base. Building upon the messaging and color palette, I proposed incorporating these colors into a retro-modern pattern for the car. This design not only added visual intrigue and premium brand value, but also ensured timeless style for the client’s daily drives throughout the state of Virginia.

Mockups: Figma

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