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Rokit High Brand & Style Identity


Meet Rokit High, the sister brand of Rokit, revolutionizing moisturization with cannabis. My THC + CBD-infused silicone alternative is designed for all genders, crafting an unrivaled sensory experience. Relish heightened sensations, alleviate discomfort, and unlock euphoria. Like Rokit, its premium approachable identity sets the product apart, marrying sophistication with accessibility. Elevate your skincare with Rokit High and embark on a transformative journey of well-being.

My process for Rokit's

Brand Expression System

Starting with a comprehensive market study, I embarked on crafting Rokit High’s unique brand narrative. Fueled by this research, I meticulously wove together a visual tale of euphoric pleasure. Leveraging Rokit’s visual cues, particularly the emblematic “peacock on high,” I unified a cohesive visual language.

Each element of this language intertwines seamlessly, a deliberate symphony of strokes, hues, and details. Like a peacock’s feathers unfurl in splendor, our visual system unwraps, encapsulating the transformative essence of Rokit High.

My role in creating the


Unleashing Rokit: Embrace Your Expression

Rokit, a groundbreaking personal care brand, empowers a youthful audience with modernity and nostalgia. My goal is to boldly step beyond taboos, celebrating diverse stories of sexuality and expression, even sharing personal experiences to foster dialogue.

Vivid Visuals, Bold Narratives:

My visuals echo the mission, etching memorable images that mirror the spectrum of human sexuality. Rokit’s “empathetic flirt” tone engages openly, creating an inclusive messaging that’s both informative and inviting.

Nostalgia Meets Innovation:

Rokit captures the essence of eras, merging nostalgia and modernity into an atmospheric, retro-modern vibe. I am rewriting narratives, embracing unique stories in a space where reminiscence dances with bold revelations.

Join Rokit’s journey, where each story enriches our tapestry, taboos are shattered, and individuality finds its voice though this visual story.

Play euphorically

The statement embodies what Rokit High does at it core. To support individuals, in achieving their highest, pleasurable experience.

Why beat around the bush, the majority of existence, specifically human existence is mostly, in part because of sex.

Some excuses have been:

  • “I feel silly, talking about something so personal”
  • “If I want to know, I can look it up or as my doctor”
  • “I want products that would improve sex  who doesn’t but, talking about it, I’ll leave that to the professionals”
  • “I would talk more about sex and ask more of products if I felt like I was taken serious and to shame me”
  • We want individuals feel comfortable that the product is reliable 
  • The messaging is reflecting a real voice
  • Using humor and flirt to drive really important messages without coming across as arrogant, elitist, or without consideration
  • It should be bold and brash yet, approachable enough to feel like you can flirt back using bold sex statements implies a visual reference that is cleaver enough to communicate to the audience that yes, we have been thinking what you have been thinking. 
  1. Let’s face it… You won’t win any pageants but, at least, you won’t be a dead contestant
  2. Ugly But, Alive
  3. Fits the “bill”… Will it accentuate your features? Maybe. Can it save your life? Yes
  4. Life over looks (Life > Looks): “Live long enough to talk about how stupid you looked.”

Brand ID

Rokit: Beyond Products, a Shared Story

Rokit isn’t just a product; it’s a catalyst for conversation. The platform welcomes all sexual identities, body types, and expressions of beauty. I use primary colors – red/pink for attention and blue for calm – to evoke responses. The retro 60s style nods to that era’s free expression, reimagined for today.

Technical Notes:
Color Profiling – Coolers
ID and TypeMark – Illustrator


MVP Release

Rokit uses airless PET bottles, opaque, for longer product freshness and ease of use. Creating a label for this particular bottle style adheres to the parent brand Rokit by keeping the design minimal yet visually expressive and complimentary to the brand’s ID. 


Promotional Visuals


Elevating Connection Through Modern, Playful Imagery

Our brand’s visual pitch resonates with contemporary, vibrant aesthetics that capture the essence of anticipated connections. The journey to bedroom bliss begins with acts of recognition, observation, listening, and feeling – a celebration of shared experiences, whether with a partner or oneself.


Technical Notes:
Photoshop—Photo adjustment
Lightroom—Post Lighting Adjustment

Support Notes:
Photography: Ty Xavier Turner

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